How to get rid of Just In Time debugger (JIT – just-in-time)

When you have installed SQL Server 2005 into your Windows (the database engine, now surpassed by the new great version of MS SQL 2008-2012) then you have unintentionally installed Just-In-Time debugger too. “JIT” causes a lot of problems – no longer work applications that previously ran without problems, there are various error message even when you are viewing web pages. JIT is simply set as the default application for trapping exceptions, which in conjunction with DEP (data execution prevention) creates a “firewall” for the elderly functional applications. One solution of this problem is quite simple:

Set back Dr. Watson as the default debugger
Dr. Watson default application for capturing and logging exceptions applications in Windows. It works seamlessly and does not bother pile of reports. JIT can be removed from service by re-setting the debugger Dr.Watson as the debugger:

  • click Start, then Run, type cmd and press enter
  • into command line type drwtsn32 -i and press enter

You should get a window to confirm set Dr. Watson as a default debugger. It should disappear all the problems associated with the use of Just In Time debugger.
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